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Sports Betting Tips
Ever since people were able to compete, there have been those willing to take a risk and bet on the outcome.  While some are more prone to gamble than others, we all get excited at the prospect of winning money.  So why do people do it?  Some do it..... Read More


Against the Public Betting
If you spend any amount of time talking to Tony Reno, chances are you’ll hear him bring up the general public.  More specifically, he talks about how profitable betting against the public can be.  Why is this the case?  Well, it’s actually quite simple. We picked Tony’s brain for a while and got some valuable answers to some of our questions about his ATP strategy...... Read More


NBA Betting Tips
Betting on the NBA can be quite fun and profitable.  With so many games and so much information to take in on over thirty teams, we decided to write this article to give some fundamentals that might help with your NBA handicapping efforts...... Read More


Bowl Game Betting
You start with the "2nd tier" games like "The Humanitarian Bowl" and "The New Orleans Bowl". These games usually feature teams that are from mid major conferences that had good seasons and are entitled to a post season game. These games are played early in December and are just a few weeks removed from the regular season.  This is actually very crucial information when betting on these game..... Read More


Betting Against NFL Heavy Road Favorites
Big road favorites in the NFL can be described as any team favored by 7 or more points playing at the opponents home stadium. Because of the parody in the NFL, seeing a road team favored by seven or more is a rarity.  In today's NFL, the experts know that only a turnover or two separate the best team and the very worst team from being on even footing....... Read More


Betting NCAA Basketball Totals
Betting the total points scored is simple and can be profitable. The oddsmakers will release the total points (over/under) for the bigger matchups as soon as they possible can. They will do this only if there are no major injuries and the matchup is clear cut. If there are doubtful players or if the event is subject to time change or venue change, they will wait until closer to game time to release a number.  Or they may s...... Read More



Money Line Basics
If you are used to betting against the spread, money line bets can be a good alternative when you don’t have a good feeling one way or the other.  Money line bets are less profitable (and less risky) when betting on the favorite. That being said, betting on the underdog can be more profitable if your bet wins, but are more risky in nature...... Read More



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