NBA Betting Tips

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Here are five point that we have found greatly effect how you can win betting NBA Basketball.

  1. Injuries: It is a must that you pay attention to which players are hurt. And this means which players are out of the game as well as which players are playing hurt. Hurt players can actually hurt their team as they may miss shots or are unable to play solid defense. The injury list is a must read before every major bet.
  2. Fan Favorites: Be aware of the line being effected by "fan favorite" teams. These teams always have inflated lines simply because people throw money on their favorite team. Teams of recent years include The Lakers with Kobe and Shaq and the Bulls with Michael Jordan. You can usually get a better line when betting against these fav teams if you truly like the opposing team.
  3. Home Underdogs: Every team wants to win at home in front of family and friends. If you see a team getting major points at home you can give them some creditability. These guys are trying to win outright. Throw in the fact that all they have to do is keep it close and lose by less than 14 and wallah, you have a good pick. Make sure the team has a star player that can take over and go on a scoring rampage. This will help your chances if he catches fire.
  4. Know Both Teams: You must have a knowledge of both sides of a conflict before you can decide how to judge it. Research match up pages on the web. Talk to your more knowledgeable buddies about the match up. Heck, I have picked up good insight at a sports bar or a wedding. No piece of information is to small. When it comes to winning and making money, knowledge is power.
  5. Capacity Crowd: Size does matter. If a team has a big crowd expected you can factor in a few points. Crowds do matter. Why else is there a different line for home vs. away. Humans are emotional creatures and susceptible to positive or negative screaming fans, regardless of what they would have you believe. This factor makes us love the home underdogs with loyal fans. A good example is the Indiana Pacers.