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Ever since people were able to compete, there have been those willing to take a risk and bet on the outcome. While some are more prone to gamble than others, we all get excited at the prospect of winning money. So why do people do it? Some do it to get some action on an otherwise uninteresting matchup. Some bet on their favorite teams. And some bet on sports to make money; After all, gambling (if done the right way) can be profitable. Whatever your reason for betting on sports, it’s important to follow a few rules. Read these sports betting tips to increase your odds of beating the bookie...


Against the Public Betting

If you spend any amount of time talking to Tony Reno, chances are you’ll hear him bring up the general public. More specifically, he talks about how profitable betting against the public can be.

Why is this the case? Well, it’s actually quite simple. We picked Tony’s brain for a while and got some valuable answers to some of our questions about his ATP strategy...


NBA Betting Tips

Here are five point that we have found greatly effect how you can win betting NBA Basketball.

Injuries: It is a must that you pay attention to which players are hurt. And this means which players are out of the game as well as which players are playing hurt. Hurt players can actually hurt their team as they may miss shots or are unable to play solid defense. The injury list is a must read before every major bet.


Bowl Game Betting

You start with the "2nd tier" games like "The Humanitarian Bowl" and "The New Orleans Bowl". These games usually feature teams that are from mid major conferences that had good seasons and are entitled to a post season game. These games are played early in December and are just a few weeks removed from the regular season. This is actually very crucial information when betting on these game...


Betting Against NFL Heavy Road Favorites

Big road favorites in the NFL can be described as any team favored by 7 or more points playing at the opponents home stadium. Because of the parody in the NFL, seeing a road team favored by seven or more is a rarity. In today's NFL, the experts know that only a turnover or two separate the best team and the very worst team from being on even footing...


Betting NCAA Basketball Totals

Betting the total points scored is simple and can be profitable. The oddsmakers will release the total points (over/under) for the bigger matchups as soon as they possible can. They will do this only if there are no major injuries and the matchup is clear cut. If there are doubtful players or if the event is subject to time change or venue change, they will wait until closer to game time to release a number...


Money Line Basics

For new bettors, money lines can seem a little complicated compared to point spreads, but broken down are actually quite simple. Unlike point-spread betting, money line bets focus solely on the outcome of the game; who will win - who will lose?

In money line betting there is no “juice” (or sportsbook commission) like there is in point spread betting, but the sportsbook advantage is built into the lines.